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FAQs Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Window corner samples/ Sliding door samples


1. Can I get a sample for free?

Here are the 3 steps to get a window corner sample for free:

1. Simply order a window corner sample at
2. Place an order for windows with debesto, and you will receive a refund of twice the value of the sample.
3. If after receiving the window corner sample it turns out that it does not meet your expectations, send an email to within 90 days, and we will arrange for the pickup and refund of the order cost.


2. Which windows in the shop.debesto offer NFRC compliance certification within the United States?

In the Sample Shop offer, you will find 2 PVC profiles of window corner samples that have NFRC certification.

These are:

1. Salamander BluEvolution 82
2. Aluplast Ideal 4000


3. Which PVC windows look most like aluminum windows?


These PVC products most closely replicate the appearance of aluminum (check our window corner samples):

These are aluminum-look alike windows with the best quality to price ratio. If you want a minimalist and industrial style reminiscent of aluminum joinery, these products are worth considering.
You can easily verify the quality and appearance of these items by ordering a set of window corner samples.


4.  How can I verify the color of the windows in person before purchasing?


To verify the color of the windows before purchasing, it is best to verify the color in daylight and at the same time check the texture of the foil.
The quickest and easiest way is to show the color chart to the investors during a meeting or at the construction site.

It's worth while having color charts from each manufacturer, such as:

to ensure that the chosen color meets expectations.


5. How can I safely transport/store window corner samples?


You can safely transport window corner samples in a dedicated transport suitcase.

This provides protection during transportation, safeguarding them from damage.

Additionally, storing the samples in the suitcase ensures they are always ready for presentation, facilitating work and enhancing professionalism.

You don't have to carry them by hand, which can be inconvenient, especially when you have many other things to bring to a meeting. This solution increases the attractiveness of the window corner samples in the eyes of investors.



1. How quickly will I receive my order?

All orders placed and paid for by 11:00 AM (Central European Time; +9 PT /+8 MT /+7 CT /+6 ET) will be shipped the same day.

The delivery time depends on the destination country:

  • EU countries - 2 working days
  • UK - 3 working days
  • USA - 4 working days


 2. Is the delivery free of charge?

Yes, you will receive free delivery for orders of 199 EUR or more.

For orders valued at up to 198 euros, the following charges apply:

Countries in Europe - 9 EUR
USA/Canada - 99 EUR

Additionally, there is an option for personal pickup of the order from our office at

14A Wały Jagiellońskie Street
Oleśnica, Lower Silesia

Free of shipping charges.


3. How to order a product that is currently unavailable?


If you find a product on our website that is currently unavailable, you can place an order in the form of a prepayment (preorder).

By ordering this product as a preorder, we will specifically order it on your behalf. Fulfillment of the dedicated order will take longer than usual - usually around 4 weeks.
We will keep you informed about the status of the order and the estimated delivery date.





1. What are the available payment methods?


There are two payment methods available in the store:

1. Bank transfer: After placing an order, you have the option to make a payment via bank transfer. The transfer details can be found on the order confirmation page and will also be sent to you in a confirmation email.
2. Credit card payment: You can also use a credit card for payment, which ensures the speed and convenience of the transaction.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Amex credit cards.


Store contact

1. How can I contact you?


Choose the form of contact that suits you best.

1. Phone: Call us at +48 532 690 695. We are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We operate in the Central European time zone (+9 PT /+8 MT /+7 CT /+6 ET)
We always return your calls.
2. SMS or WhatsApp message: If you are in a different time zone and the phone contact hours do not suit you, send us a message. Together we will arrange a convenient time to talk.
3. Email: Send us a message to We will always respond same day.