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The  Mobile Showroom debesto, 12 meters long, is an adapted container and a precisely designed place where you can see and test windows from Polish manufacturers.


The regular and simple shapes of the product make it possible to place it in the parking lot in front of the office, near the warehouse or in any other place convenient for you.


5 arguments for having a Mobile Showroom debesto 12 m:

  • you don't need to travel with clients and watch many windows, you have everything at hand
  • you will present the most cost-effective solutions to your clients
  • your investors will be able to convince themselves of the hightquality of Polish windows
  • you will win a sales tool that will facilitate and speed up the investor's decision-making process
  • you will increase your credibility and stand out from the competition


See how you can get a Mobile Showroom debesto 12 m for free

Buy a Mobile Showroom and you will receive a 5% discount for each order placed in debesto, until the entire cost of its purchase is refunded.



      The Mobile Showroom debesto 12 m is dedicated to:


      • development companies that build houses and then sell them
      • construction and assembly companies
      • large investors who hires contractors to carry out construction
      • architects, private investors and developers, property managers


      What you get in standard equipment?

      • window corner samples (8 pcs.) with wall mounting system
      • window displays (4 pcs.) equipped with window samples (8 pcs.)
      • garage door
      • air conditioning
      • lighting
      • LED TV
      • table with storage space
      • toilet
      • kitchenette

      The type of window corner samples and window samples is 100% up to you and the market you operate on. We will give our recommendations which models will work the best on your market. Be ready for the fact that the samples will change and you will be able to quickly adapt to the needs of the changing market and your investor.


      Dimensions and colors of the Mobile Showroom debesto


      The Mobile Showroom debesto is available in 2 sizes

      • 12 m x 2.5 m (length x width) and smaller
      • 6 m x 2.5 m (length x width), you can find more information about this model  here.

      We offer 2 color versions of the facade: black and gray. On request, we are able to match the color to your needs and the requirements of the environment.

      The larger model of the Mobile Showroom debesto, because it is 12 meters long, will accommodate not only show products such as window sample corners and window samples, but also the second part of it has been adapted to include a kitchenette and a toilet.



      Window and door joinery used in the show model

      • Aluprof MB77 HS Monorail - window (lift and slide system) - 9004 RAL black - signal
      • FIX window - Salamander bluevolution 82 - double-sided color SAL018 black mat
      • Door Bluevolution panel ekoline 48, model 073
      • garage door (another product that you can offer and show to the client)


      Financing- how you can become the owner of a Mobile Showroom debesto?

      • 24-month subscription (Showroom will be available to more companies. Anyone who purchases a subscription will receive an access code and after booking a visit will be able to enter)
      • leasing
      • cash (discount 5%)
      • purchase only the project
      • if you have other idea, contact us at shop@debesto.com


      Delivery and lead time of the Mobile Showroom debesto

      The preparation and equipment of the product are adapt to your needs. The production time for the container will take about 4-5 months plus transport time to the destination.

      Delivery costs:

      • 16 322 EUR to US
      • 3 500 EUR to UK and UE

      If you have questions about the product itself, the purchase financing options or if you want to ask about anything else, write to us at shop@debesto.com. We reply to all emails within 1 working day.

      Countries in Europe

      • for orders over EUR 199, delivery costs are free
      • for orders up to EUR 198, delivery costs are EUR 9


      • for orders over EUR 199, delivery costs are free
      • for orders up to EUR 198, delivery costs are EUR 99

      2 working days - countries in EU, 3 working days - UK,
      4-3 working days - US