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If you come across difficulties to precisely and evenly level window and door frames in your daily work, then the Winbag installation pillow may be a useful tool for you. 

Proper installation requires accuracy, while an incorrect installation of window or door frames can lead to a number of problems, such as leaks, noise and difficulty in opening and closing windows and doors. 

Technical data:

  • Material: plastic
  • Manufacturer: VBH
  • Length: 16 cm 
  • Width 15 cm 
  • Load capacity: 100 kg/pillow
  • Slot width: 2-50 mm
  • 1 cushion included

Advantages of WINBAG pillows:

  • No nicks or scratches of any kind. Thanks to the soft air cushion, you will be able to avoid nicks and scratches on the window frame and on the wall. This means that you will avoid possible complaints from the investor.
  • Easy and precise positioning. Winbag allows for a remarkably precise positioning of the window in the opening. Even more so, you can repeatedly adjust the position until you achieve the perfect result, without the risk of damage. This increases the precision of your work.
  • An ecological solution: the Winbag pillow is reusable, which means less waste and greater environmental awareness during installation work. 
  • Cleanliness and convenience: The ready-to-seal gaps between the opening and the window remain completely empty, resulting in a clean and efficient installation.
  • Saving time: Fixing windows using Winbag is fast and effective. Even if you work alone, you will be able to arrange even large window frames. 

Countries in Europe

  • for orders over EUR 199, delivery costs are free
  • for orders up to EUR 198, delivery costs are EUR 9


  • for orders over EUR 199, delivery costs are free
  • for orders up to EUR 198, delivery costs are EUR 99

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